Abulele Yolelo Well known as KingFlava SA started Producing back in 2009 , I Started as a Gqom Producer .. as the time goes by I got inspired by Tribal Sound , I Used to listen the Likes of Culoe De Song , The late Mamu Busi Mhlongo , Black Coffee , Da Capo etc so I 2015 I mastered the sound but I was Releasing Remixes only .. in 2018 I released my Debut EP under Asambeni Records Featured Drega , Fearless Boyz Asambeni Rec Members .. 2019 My Afrotech Song Was Released in Germany under Electric Friends Music .. 2021 I Released A Beautiful Song with Nalize titled Be Happy the song Was Number 1 on the Producer Challenge on 5FM 6 Times … 2022 I worked with AWEN from France the song was Featured on her Album titled Redemption .. 2023


KingFlava SA

Bio: Abulele Yolelo, widely recognized as KingFlava SA, embarked on his music production journey in 2009. His initial foray into the music scene began with Gqom, but over time, he found himself drawn to the captivating realm of Tribal Sound. Immersing himself in the works of influential artists like Culoe De Song, the late Mamu Busi Mhlongo, Black Coffee, and Da Capo, KingFlava SA’s sonic palette expanded.

In 2015, KingFlava SA successfully honed his craft, delving into Tribal Sound and fusing it with his unique creative vision. While he initially released remixes, his dedication and innovation culminated in a pivotal moment in 2018 when he unleashed his debut EP through Asambeni Records. This remarkable release featured collaborations with Drega and Fearless Boyz, fellow members of the Asambeni Records community.

The year 2019 witnessed KingFlava SA’s music transcending geographical boundaries as his Afrotech masterpiece found a home in Germany, courtesy of Electric Friends Music. This marked an international milestone that solidified his reputation as a boundary-pushing artist.

In 2021, a musical triumph titled “Be Happy” came to fruition through a collaboration with Nalize. The track’s irresistible charm propelled it to secure the top spot in the Producer Challenge on 5FM not once, but an astounding six times. This accomplishment affirmed KingFlava SA’s position as an artist who could capture hearts and captivate audiences.

As the years continued to unfold, KingFlava SA’s sonic explorations knew no bounds. 2022 saw a collaboration with AWEN from France, as their joint creation found a prominent place on her album titled “Redemption.” This cross-continental partnership showcased KingFlava SA’s ability to seamlessly blend his sound with diverse musical influences.

Undeterred by the passage of time, 2023 marked yet another significant chapter in KingFlava SA’s musical odyssey. He released a compelling single under the banner of Afreeka Records, further underscoring his dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

KingFlava SA’s journey through the dynamic world of electronic music has been one of evolution, exploration, and artistic growth. As a DJ, producer, and sonic innovator, he continues to defy convention, merging genres, and leaving an indelible mark on the global music landscape.

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